Discussion in Minsk

How do the youth of Belarus imagine their future

Discussion in Minsk

Date and place

December 4, 2018
Press Club Belarus (Viery Charužaj 3 − 601, 220005 Minsk, Belarus)

Press Club BelarusPress Club Belarus is a platform for professional development of the media community of Belarus, an informal association of those who would like to improve their journalistic skills and work in line with internationally recognized professional standards and norms.

Mission of the Press Club:

  • To preserve journalistic profession in challenging times of loss of good reputation and financial appeal to the moment when socio-political and socio-economic transformation of Belarus is underway
  • To contribute to the development of a competitive media market
  • To promote dialogue among different stakeholders when change comes.


  • Dzmitry Herylovich – Chairman of the Belarusian National Youth Council Rada
  • Alina Nahornaya – political consultant, Founder of the social movement Dzieja
  • Hanna Aheyeva – Member of the Board of the Youth Education Center Fialta (an NGO), coordinator and presenter of educational programs
  • Danila Lavretski – one of the leaders of the student organization Belarusian Students’ Association

Discussion moderator

Franak Viačorka – journalist and media manager, Creative director of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Vice President of Digital Communication Network, recipient of the Vaclav Havel Journalism Fellowship and the Civil Society Leadership Award presented by the Open Society Foundations

Essay by Maxim Goriunov “Between Soviet Belorussia and sovereign Belarus: Why young Belarusians prefer to leave the country”

Video of the discussion (in Belarusian and Russian)