Discussion in Lviv

Vision of the future as reflected in contemporary art

Discussion in Lviv

How contemporary artists envision the future? Is there a risk of losing the concept of intellectual property as a result of rapid advancement of technologies? How can/should the art-related institutions shape the future in their communities? Should art be responsible and what it means? How is the concept of the future reflected in the Ukrainian art?

The main question we address is what young people actually think about the future? How are these visions and feelings reflected in the artistic works of new and, little known artists?

Date and place

December 8, 2018
Café Ratusha (Rynok Square 1, 79000 Lviv, Ukraine)

Organizer: Educational Center for Human Rights in Lviv

Educational Center for Human RightsThe mission of the center is to promote the values of human rights, equality and inclusion through education, art and communication. The center operates in four formats: public lecture programs, research residences, art objects in urban spaces and a library of human rights. The main goal is to create a mass demand for inclusion in the city of Lviv


  • Iryna Starovoyt – literary scholar (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv)
  • Bohdan Shumylovych – cultural studies (European University Institute, Florence)
  • Bozhena Zakaliuzhna – cultural manager (Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises, Jam Factory Art Center, Lviv)
  • Andrii Linik – artist and curator (Lviv)

Discussion moderator

Volodymyr Biehlov – Educational center for Human Rights, Lviv

Except from the speech by Iryna Starovoyt “The challenges of the future

Video of the discussion (in Ukrainian)