Discussion in Minsk

Discussion in Minsk

How the new generation envisions the future of Belarus

Date and place

Press Club BelarusDecember 4, 2019
Press Club Belarus
3 Vera Khoruzhey St., office 601, Minsk, 220005, Belarus


Zhanna Nemtsova – co-founder of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom, journalist


  • Alana Gebremariam – member of the Belarusian Students Association’s Rada
  • Vitaly Korotysh – head of the research department at NOVAK, director of the “Tvaye zautra” agency (“Your Tomorrow”)
  • Sergey Olshevsky – teacher, founder of the “Narodny uchebnik“ project (“People’s textbook”)
  • Stasya Shashok – activist of the informal association “Moladzevy block” (“Youth Block”)

Video of the discussion