Discussion in Irkutsk

Discussion in Irkutsk

What can be achieved, and is migration an option? How the new generation envisions the future

Date and place

November 25, 2019
Revolution Gallery
40 Karl Marx St., Irkutsk, 664007, Russia


Alexei Petrov – PhD in Political Science, associate professor, journalist


  • Ekaterina Pavlenko – junior researcher and PhD student at the Laboratory of Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education at the Higher School of Economics (Institute of Education)
  • Dmitry Kozlov – PhD in History, associate professor at Irkutsk State University
    Talk: “Youth discovering the phenomenon of social inequality: challenge or/and chance?”
  • Maria Plotnikova – PhD in History, head of the Laboratory of Urban Development at Irkutsk State University
    Talk: “Territorial inequality and youth: is there a chance for regional centers?”
  • Mikhail Rozhansky – PhD in Philosophy, director of the Centre for Independent Research and Education (Irkutsk)
    Talk: “The hidden curricula of centralized education”
  • Sergey Sсhmidt – PhD in History, associate professor at Irkutsk State University, publicist, radio host
    Talk: “The ‘Personal Development’ Generations: Deadlocks and Junctions”

Video of the discussion